A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.

The Talmud

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    I have trained as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), a Family Therapist, a life coach, and a Jungian analyst, and am licensed in New York and California.  Having been in practice for over thirty years, I work with individuals, couples, and groups.  My style is engaged and active.  I work in person, by phone, and video according to the needs of individuals.


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    As a consultant, coach, or teacher, in addition to my regular practice as a therapist, I offer single sessions for dream work–this is different from therapy. You might be a therapist who has some questions about a dream that your client brought to you, or you might be a person who is curious about the meaning of a dream you have had.  You might even be a writer who is trying to make-up the perfect dream for the hero of your novel.  Whatever the situation, I would like to help you by scheduling a dream work session.

    How it works: When you email me, I will arrange a telephone or video appointment, according to mutual convenience. Once we have set our appointment, you will email me the dream you would like to discuss. At the beginning of our session I may ask you several questions before we begin discussing the dream. By the end of our conversation you will have a good idea what message the unconscious self is trying to communicate.


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    For successful individuals who are trying to figure out what to do in the next chapter of their lives, I have collaborated with two colleagues to create LIFE REINSPIRED–a retreat workshop and program that helps folks do exactly what the title says–reinspire their life.  Along with a brilliant peer group you will discover how to create the next chapter of life so that it will be the best chapter ever.

    Check out the details on our website LIFE REINSPIRED.