Twins, Pairs, Twosomes,and Duos in Dreams


Sometimes images appear in a double form. They may be very distinct, like twins, or a pair of birds, or cars double parked, or two robbers who are trying to break into the house, or two carrots embracing one another.

A pair of carrots embrace!
Two carrot embrace!

Or the twosome may be less obvious—like two crayons, a yellow one and a red one, or a dress and a pair of shoes, both in the same color. I have noticed over the years, that a twosome appearing in a dream often announces a new energy about to manifest. For example, a woman dreamed,

Two moving vans are pulling up to my house.

She had been stuck for a long time in a job that she didn’t like, but couldn’t figure out how to make a change in the situation. In the dream she was surprised and had a positive feeling about the arrival of the vans. If you think about moving vans, they are vehicles for transporting large, heavy loads, entire households. This woman’s capacity to hold and move with big issues was announced by the dream.


—–Keep an eye out for these twosomes when they appear in your dreams.

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