Inspiration: Where’s My Muse?


“I can’t get started because the inspiration isn’t there.”

I’ve heard that many times from clients, and hey, I have felt that so often myself when I am trying to write something, begin a project, get back to a task, or other things.  I just sit around waiting for a muse to show up!

The idea that motivation comes in the form of inspiration isn’t always true.  While once in a while, I get moved or inspired to do something, clean a closet, write a poem, redecorate my bedroom, start a blog, the initial gush of enthusiasm is transient and unreliable.

Think of your muse as a partner in your creative process.  You can think of her as someone who is unreliable and shows up now and then, and when she does, you greet her and let her have a little space in your life.   Hmmmm.  But can I count on her?

How about this: if you will focus on a consistent basis, the muse will show up, and not only that, she’ll be much more generous.

Recently I had a conversation with a client who was describing her work, creative design.  In passing she said something like, I’m pretty lucky because as long as I’m focused I have plenty of ideas.  Before she was able to elaborate on what she had just said, she was onto another topic, but I stopped her and asked her to go back to what she had just said.  I wanted her to realize that very naturally she had organized herself in a way that was creatively super-productive.  She is a well known figure, famous for her prolific, fine designs.  The key?  Focus.

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