Micro Meditation

“But I can’t meditate.”  “I’ve tried meditation and it doesn’t work.”  “I’m just no good at it.”  “I can’t spare the time.”  “I wish I could meditate but I can’t get started.”

All of these are complaints I hear from clients who believe that it would be good for them to meditate, but nonetheless, she can’t get to it.

Try this:

Instead of waiting until you can discipline yourself to spend a half hour every morning, or an hour, or whatever you imagine it would take to get you going on a meditation practice, when you get up in the morning, sit down and write out one short sentence as a mantra.  Close your eyes and say it three times as you take three deep breaths.  Don’t spend any more time than that….it takes 5 seconds longer than three breaths.  During the day, when you’re putting on your socks, or turning on the television, or getting into the car, or walking the dog, or riding in the elevator, say the same little mantra to yourself and take three deep breaths.

Write to me and tell me how this works for you.

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