Important Conversations

Here are some situations where a conversation warrants consideration

  • Job interview
  • Negotiating salary
  • Teacher conference
  • Return of purchased item
  • Discussion with partner about children’s education
  • And many more…


Most of us are unable to think on our feet when we’re under pressure.  Of course, sometimes it brings out the best in us.  Other times, we freeze and can’t remember what we were thinking.

Particularly when you have an agenda, when you are hoping for a particular outcome, it is key to be prepared.

Try this:

Before your next important meeting, particularly if you have a stake in the outcome.  Do this.  Write down the conversation you think you might have.  If he says this:  I’ll say this.  WRITE IT DOWN!!!!  Don’t just think it, but really work at this by writing it down.  When you feel you’ve anticipated all the questions you’ll have to face at the meeting., quit.

You may be surprised at how well you’re able to field difficult material.  Having written down a little bit,  you’ll be able to handle much more than you ever dreamed!!!

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