A Conversation about Dreams

I want to share the link to the live conversation I had with Sheila Hamilton, writer, radio celebrity, and the host of a podcast that explores mental health issues, Beyond Well. Check it out at:

The individuals of ancient cultures and indigenous tribes believed that dreams were the way the gods communicated with humans. I have been collecting dreams from those of you who follow me, and from various folks who have been willing to share dreams with me. There is no question that most people who report dreams notice that they are more aware of their dreams, that the dreams have become more vivid and colorful, and that certain themes have become more prevalent. Here’s the link in case you want to hear more about that:

What are you dreaming about during COVID19? Katherine Wattiker Olivetti, a psychotherapist and dream expert who has authored two books on this topic, says for the first time since she's been researching dreams, people all over the world are sharing the same themes in their sleep world. It's a hugely uplifting and wonderful conversation.

Posted by Sheila Hamilton on Thursday, April 9, 2020

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